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Electric mobility is perceived as a reality far removed from everyday life and a tough choice to make. There are many false myths to dispel in this regard. There is no better way to do it than by showing how fun, simple, and widespread it is, thanks to technological evolution and the continued spread of charging points across the territory.

Enel X is a global leader in advanced energy services and electric mobility, with over 195,000 charging points for zero-emission vehicles made available globally. In addition, it is the Official Smart Charging Partner of the world’s leading electric competitions to which it supplies charging technologies.

Thanks to its expertise and authority, Enel X can be a spokesperson on this issue by making people aware of how the same products used on the track are affordable for everyone.




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The challenge’s not just on the race track.

Enel X aims to communicate its commitment to the most famous e-mobility competitions worldwide.

How? By testing and refining the latest charging technologies we use on ordinary roads directly on the race track.

The challenge is to explain to a wider audience how Enel X technologies and innovations are or could be part of everyone’s daily life.


People: our best allies.

We decided to talk about e-mobility showing the real impact that Enel X has on people’s lives and the environment by involving environmentally aware influencers from the sports world in 3 key moments of the eMotorsport season: FormulaE in Rome, MotoE in Misano, ExtremeE in Sardinia.

Why influencers? Because they are the easiest and most effective way to reach people directly thanks to their distinctive and natural way of communicating.

Caffeina Enel X eMotorsport Activation


E-mobility and sustainability combined.

We spent one day with Vicky Piria, W-Series driver, driving around Rome along with Enel X e-Mobility.

We followed Andrea Pirillo, creator and car enthusiast, around Misano during the MotoE weekend, driving around on an electric car.

During ExtremeE racing, Francisco Porcella, Big Wave surfer, helped us raise awareness around Enel X’s commitment to pushing e-mobility and sustainable development to relaunch Sardinia, a place symbolizing the damages of climate change.

Caffeina Enel X eMotorsport Activation

Electric Pit Stop.

During FormulaE in Italy, we spent one day with Vicky Piria driving around the streets of Rome thanks to Enel X’s e-mobility. We created an opportunity between the brand and Vicky using Instagram Stories, where Enel X suggested places to explore and things to do while staying in Rome, all of it while driving around in a zero-emission vehicle.

Every charging station is a”pit stop”, which drives the storytelling behind the typical journey of an EV driver aimed to show the widespread presence of Enel X in Rome, not only on the race tracks but also on the streets.

An electrifying weekend.

With the help of Andrea Pirillo, a young creator and car enthusiast with a strong following on social, we recorded every detail of his weekend in Misano driving an electric car while using JuicePass, an Enel X app that helps find and book recharging public electric stations.

A trip along the Romagna coast, a lunch break with a sea view, a drink with friends before dinner.
During his trip, Andrea showed how he could move around everywhere using an electric car and easily charge it.

Caffeina Enel X eMotorsport Activation
Caffeina Enel X eMotorsport Activation Vicky Piria

Sardinia restarts with electric.

Enel X as Official Smart Charging Partner for ExtremeE, an electrical SUV race series held in the world’s most remote areas, donated a symbolic contribution to rebuilding the areas damaged by the wildfires of July 2021 in Sardinia, a region where an electrification program starting from e-mobility has been launched.

We asked Francisco Porcella, Big Wave Surfer, involved in safeguarding ocean and coasts, to be Sardinia’s iconic face for its restart by living a truly unique adventure with Enel X, going from electric race cars in wild settings to activities to protect the environment.

All of it was posted on social media.


Showing Enel X’s commitment to spreading e-mobility to a wider audience, from the young car enthusiasts to those who care about the environment. The main goal was awareness.

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