Caffeina Equinox Website redesign

Website redesign

Equinox, an international company in the private equity world, needed to leverage the most of its website, communicating to its investors the role of a reliable partner focused on social responsibility policies. Caffeina has accepted the client’s request, creating a modern and unique website compared to the competitors’ ones.

Equinox is a company founded in 2000, internationally based in Switzerland, which deals with investments and acquisitions of funds and capital. Its duty is to collect investments, through banks, insurance and foundations, and invest the funds collected in small/ medium enterprises that rely on Equinox with the aim of growing and improving their business.
All guided by conscientious canons that Equinox marries as a group, and that leads the team to follow the projects with a strong focus on issues related to sustainability and social responsibility.



What we did


Digital Product


A new brand image for a strong Private Equity company.

Equinox, founded in 2000, needed to redesign its cold brand identity, typical of private equity companies, in to differentiate itself from the competition.

The challenge that Caffeina accepted was to find a new way to communicate the brand, making it recognisable as a reliable partner focused on social responsibility policies.

Caffeina Equinox Website redesign


Understand the requirements, analyse the competitors.

Caffeina’s cross-functional team carried out a detailed analysis of the business objectives and fully understood which strategies to adopt to respond to the problem presented by the brand.

Through dedicated information-gathering meetings with the various stakeholders and the analysis of competitors with a visual benchmark, it made it possible to outline the project objectives, share them with the client and take them forward in the subsequent phases.

Caffeina Equinox Website redesign


Be different through communication.

Caffeina’s proposal is based on a complete website redesign, proposing a style that would enhance the brand presence on the web. Responsibility has been a core focus for us and we created a new section able to show the tangible actions made by the company regarding this topic.

We highlighted the brand’s character, in terms of style and content, expressing its values with impactful language. Text is the master of the interface. The user has no distractions and is captured by engaging animations and interactions.

Caffeina Equinox Website redesign


A new technology for a flexible CMS.

The client’s request was to be able to independently edit the website’s content in the future and update it according to its needs.

Caffeina’s technological choice was based on the CMS Headless Strapi, which is able to ensure flexibility and ease of use by the editor, as well as the ability to speed up the creation of components and deplores by developers, through Open Source code and the standard restful API or GraphQL to call the content.

Caffeina Equinox Website redesign


Sustainability: a tangible choice.

Sustainability and social responsibility, topics that emerged during the analysis phases, were both differentiating elements with respect to competitors, and a choice that the Brand daily applies in its way of working.

Finding a unique and effective way to communicate this added value, through a design characterised by innovative horizontal scrolling, has allowed us to give more emphasis and achieve the customer’s goal.

Caffeina Equinox Website redesign
Caffeina Equinox Website redesign


Redesign the website of Equinox evolving its image and brand storytelling, creating an engaging and interesting user experience.

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