Global Omnichannel Media Strategy

Etro entrusted us to manage Global Digital Media Advertising across all digital media to develop Brand and Product Awareness and positively impact e-commerce sales. With all digital media levers at our disposal, we created a Media Plan that developed an average ROAS of more than 350 percent.

ETRO is a fashion house that has represented Made in Italy style around the world since 1968. From the research of fabrics (the iconic Paisley pattern) and attention to detail comes luxury men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, where passion for travel and tailoring traditions are the fundamental concepts of each collection.




Digital Media


Marketing Product Funnel.

Our challenge was to define a structured and synergistic use of digital media for Etro’s communication, devise a media strategy and media mix capable of ensuring a strong brand presence, and, most importantly, achieve very challenging sales performance targets.

Etro’s desire was divided into two macro objectives:

• Develop Brand Awareness and Product Awareness of the collections;
• Develop an e-commerce Marketing Funnel with performance KPIs.

Caffeina Etro Global Omnichannel Media Strategy


Media Plan & Channel Strategy.

We investigated the competitive scenario to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the target market.

We did this by studying main competitors and with industry benchmarks and analysis of success stories internal and external to Caffeina’s knowledge base. Next, the focus shifted to the analysis of Etro’s objectives, to break down the two macro goals: ensuring an increase in brand and product awareness and developing sell-out results of the products in the catalog on the eCommerce.

We created the Media Plan and related Channel Strategy capable of meeting all these demands, focusing primarily on performance and ROAS goals.

The choice of channels, as well as the relative investment in each, was strongly influenced in favor of those capable of guaranteeing the best results in terms of return on advertising investment, with a particular focus on Search and Retargeting. One aspect that was given great importance and on which we collaborated four-handedly with our partners concerns the Targeting of the Campaigns. Each creative, each ad, and each placement play a key role in allowing us to reach our target audience within the treatment guidelines of a Luxury Brand and thus achieve positive results in line with performance and return on advertising investment objectives.

Caffeina Etro Global Omnichannel Media Strategy


Make Digital Real.

The activities put in place by Caffeina to achieve the set ROAS and conversion goals precise concern:

• Google Search: PPC campaigns on 10 target countries, with language ads;
Criteo: retargeting campaigns with dynamic ads for Italy and the U.S. The average performance result in terms of ROAS of the campaigns was more than 350%.

Caffeina Etro Global Omnichannel Media Strategy
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