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Yes, in a world of brands that ask, Herbalife Nutrition gives back: we tell a new brand and product storytelling through valuable content built on the community's needs.

Herbalife Nutrition is today the world’s leading nutrition company that aims to help people lead healthy and active lives through proper nutrition and regular physical activity. That’s why it has been developing and marketing a wide range of high-quality nutrition, weight control, sports, and personal care products in more than 90 countries for more than 40 years.





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From nutrition leader to wellness icon.

Herbalife Nutrition’s goal is to extend its positioning from the nutrition and supplement sector to the broader and more diversified wellness sector.

This is an ambitious challenge for a leader in its field and for Caffeina, who was chosen as a partner for this journey. The journey aimed to lead a brand and become an absolute icon for an audience very knowledgeable on the subject.

Wellness becomes a mood for real change.

The concept of wellness encompasses a person’s entire routine. Therefore, it was essential to communicate Herbalife Nutrition through its top-quality products and as a mood: a lifestyle.

We have therefore enriched the brand’s social communication with content that provides valuable information for the community by encouraging real change, which enables the achievement of important physical goals and overall mental well-being.

We have thus brought Herbalife Nutrition into people’s routines, becoming part of their daily rituals.

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Change mood change your life.

To preside over all areas of wellness and highlight the values of Herbalife Nutrition, we developed a content strategy based on the combination of 4 narrative areas that can support the new positioning.

Brand Storytelling, to tell the whole story of the Herbalife Nutrition world; Motivation, to inspire and accompany each person through their day; Products, to distinguish the products from the competition; and Nutrition, to enhance aspects related to nutrition and healthy, active living.

Caffeina Herbalife Change mood Change your Life


Nutrition in sports as an expression of well-being.

We have further highlighted the day-to-day of Herbalife Nutrition by overseeing major sporting events and engaging several professionals and Olympic athletes in a series of Special Activations, thus bringing the community into the daily lives of some of the most current faces of wellness.
The people chosen were symbolic of sports, health, and active living consistent with the values of Herbalife Nutrition.

Road to Tokyo 2020.

The mindset of each Olympic athlete is an inspiration for the Herbalife Nutrition community, in which they find balance and the desire to be well to improve every day.
From these assumptions, and from the goal of enhancing an essential partnership with CONI – Italian National Olympic Committee, we brought on Herbalife Nutrition’s social channels all the adventures of the Italy Team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, recounting their victories, records, and exclusive moments.

Caffeina Herbalife Change mood Change your Life


Sports Festival.

The Trento Sports Festival is revisiting memorable sports moments of the last year (which in 2021 were not a few), it hears the voices of those who touched those moments, but above all, it is sports for all.

During the festival, we created outside of the Galleria Civica di Trento a set to challenge 2 Olympic Champions in #Intervistainworkout: a real roundup of questions followed by performing exercise that allowed us to launch the new Protein Bars from Herbalife Nutrition’s H24 line in a whole new way.

H24 Social Coaching: Coach for a day.

Herbalife Nutrition’s H24 line is designed to accompany the athlete’s 24 hours, from pre- to post-workout.

With H24 Social Coaching, we made 5 of Italy’s greatest Olympic athletes coaches for a day. We had them share their workout routines by showing off a specific product at each moment of their day.

Finally, we challenged them with an A/R Filter in which we asked them to perform in 24 seconds exercise repetitions shown from the filter itself.

Caffeina Herbalife Change mood Change your Life


Extend Herbalife Nutrition’s positioning from the nutrition and supplementation sector to the broader and more diverse wellness sector.

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