A mobile app to feel better

Lifully is the new direct-to-consumer digital service created by Caffeina with the total contribution of Chiesi Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the Chiesi Group, that helps improve relaxation, sleep quality, and vitality.

Lifully is a digital project created by Caffeina with the total contribution of Chiesi Italy. The project’s goal was to expand Chiesi’s offerings in the respiratory field to make its mission concrete, which aims to improve people’s lives even through pathways unrelated to pharmacological treatment.




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A new role in a changing world.

The last few years have seen an incredible evolution in the options available to patients suffering from chronic diseases and the pharmaceutical industry.

In this context, Chiesi Respiratory has accepted a demanding challenge: to reposition itself beyond a pharmaceutical offering in the strict sense of the term, also due to the imminent patent expiry of its flagship product, Foster, and to focus on the creation of solutions capable of offering people, and not just “patients,” a series of services that can flank, prevent or replace a pharmacological pathway.


Living fully one's own breath.

Lifully is an ambitious project that started from an in-depth analysis and a careful work of trend hunting in the pharmaceutical sector and the field of non-pharmacological treatments in the respiratory field.

An important research and strategic definition work based on interviews and in-depth analysis with doctors and patients focus groups, and quantitative analysis led to identifying the best D2C solution to achieve Chiesi’s mission.

We also worked on creating a distinctive and effective brand identity, thanks to a meticulous study and execution of Naming, Visual Identity, TOV, and identifying the primary and characterizing values of the service for the most potential target.


Cooperation e Co-Design.

We asked Chiesi managers to imagine with us the future they would like to build, combining strategy and design.Through a collaborative journey, we helped them identify a new vision of the future in respiratory.

Caffeina Lifully A mobile app to feel better
Caffeina Lifully A mobile app to feel better

Market evolution and new habits.

We created a future casting on the healthcare world to try to identify the most likely and potential evolutions of the market and people’s habits.

From idea to market in 6 months.

The initial research phase was critical to allow us to understand the target context, gathering the wants and needs of our potential users (mild asthmatics and wellness enthusiasts) along with advice from physicians and other professionals.

We then moved to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that would allow us to test the value proposition in the market and obtain concrete feedback from real users.

Caffeina Lifully A mobile app to feel better

An app to improve one's well-being.

Thanks to the feedback collected with MVP and diary studies, we have perfected Lifully, which in its inception version can count on numerous breathing paths, desgined with yoga instructors and physicians with different difficulty levels and duration suitable for all users’ needs.

We are evaluating new features to expand the offering for users and bring Liifully to all major European countries in the coming months.

Lifully. Listen to your breath.

To launch the service, the Caffeina creative team and Caffeina Studios created and produced an initial campaign to bring attention back to the most natural gesture there is, breathing.

To do this, ordinary people found themselves in an anechoic chamber, where in the absence of any other form of noise or distraction, they could listen to their breathing, thus thoroughly enjoying the present moment.

A full funnel media strategy.

The media strategy was designed starting from carefully evaluating the results obtained in the MVP phase, which allowed us to identify clear target KPIs and define an effective channel strategy to reach the target audience.

The launch campaign was divided into two distinct phases, first on awareness and consideration, to create awareness of the Lifully brand and enhance the app’s features, and then targeting conversion with app download campaigns.

Caffeina Lifully A mobile app to feel better
Caffeina Lifully A mobile app to feel better
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