Caffeina LOQUIS Travel Podcasting Service

Travel-Podcasting Service

In the era of podcasts come geolocalised voices and stories to lead people to discover the secrets of the land.

Loquis is the first travel-podcasting platform that allows users to listen to geo-localised thematic stories, making available in five languages thousands of exclusive contents and hundreds of thematic channels to discover the history and culture of territories. Loquis turned to us in 2021 when, after an initial boom in subscriptions, user interaction waned. An outdated interface and a user experience not up to the standards dictated by applications such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts pushed Loquis to a redesign of the user experience and user interface.




User Research

Expert Review

Service Design

Product Experience Design

Design System


Crowdsourced travel podcasting.

How can we leverage people’s habits and behaviour in relation to the podcast medium to renew the model of interaction with the Loquis service?

How can we combine people’s travel and discovery habits to persuade them to produce hyper-local content and be recognised as experts on their own area?


Redesign of service touchpoint App.

We drafted a strategy document for the improvement of the service and designed a new User Experience by enhancing basic functionality and designing new features.

In the meantime, a new Design System was developed to make the interface elements more modern and scalable across all service touchpoints.

Caffeina LOQUIS Travel Podcasting Service


From research to re-design.

We conducted an extensive research phase investigating interaction patterns, habits and expectations with stakeholders and users.

An expert review and dedicated shadowing sessions – direct observation of people’s experiences – highlighted areas for product improvement and provided input for the redesign of user flows.

Caffeina LOQUIS Travel Podcasting Service


User's imagination.

Again in a process of Co-Design with the client, starting with the ideas that emerged from the Workshop, we opted for a light, friendly, modern style, but at the same time one that would recall in the user’s imagination, through the use of colours and certain details, the ancient maps of the explorers.

Caffeina LOQUIS Travel Podcasting Service
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