Caffeina Merck from offline to engagement

From offline to engagement

Curiosity, innovation, research and a human centric approach: the values ​​on which Merck's work is based are the same ones that guided us both in developing the concept and in the planning of the experience. We put people at the centre, suggesting them a new point of view and making them experience a memorable journey inside the Sin 2022 stand.

Merck’s aim is to come up with solutions that can improve everyone’s life and for more than 20 years now part of its research has been focused on the development of therapies for Multiple Sclerosis. Since there is still no cure, the brand’s goal is to make life easier for people affected by the disease. On the occasion of the 52nd Congress of the Italian Society of Neurology, Merck – with its presence – wanted to highlight the values that have guided the brand for 350 years.






Taking part at SIN 2022 in a memorable way.

After the years of the pandemic, the SIN (Congress of the Italian Society of Neurology) is back in attendance for its 52nd edition: the perfect opportunity for Merck to convey its values to a vast audience and enhance its leadership in the Multiple Sclerosis sector with its two products: Rebif and Mavenclad.

We were therefore asked to develop a creative concept that could embrace both the design of the stand and the engagement activities within it in order to involve and entertain doctors and scientific representatives.


The answer is invisible to the eye.

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system and is very difficult to diagnose.

But a doctor and a scientific informant know that what we don’t see is often the key to find the answer we were looking for.

We therefore developed a stand that represented a way to discover the brand’s commitment to neurology (and, in particular, to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis) and an opportunity to investigate together what we have in mind. Literally.

Caffeina Merck from offline to engagement


Within the synaptic network.

We designed a scenography with a strong visual impact, capable of standing out among the competitors’ stands and bringing the participants into a network of synapses.

The goal of the structure was to attract as many doctors and scientific representatives with its eccentricity, to make them stay to experience the engagement activity and, finally, to be remembered.

The visit itinerary inside the stand has been designed to recreate the journey of a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. Going through it, the target was able to discover how Merck tries every day to have a positive impact at each stage of the journey.


Synapses like visionary artists.

Inside the stand, an activation could transform the brand’s value proposition into an experience: putting people at the center also means making them the protagonists of a work of art.

The staff invited one guest at a time to wear a helmet, which intercepted the electrical stimuli sent involuntarily by the participants, transformed them into data thanks to an EEG device, and finally associated them with shapes and colors.

In this way, we created generative works of art, that were printed and given as a souvenir of the experience.


An online and offline key visual.

The concept that has linked connections, synapses and communities has found its visual synthesis in the key visual that we have created for all online and offline materials.

A brain that flourishes as a metaphor for the benefits that can be obtained with a passionate research and care for our most mysterious organ.

Caffeina Merck from offline to engagement
Caffeina Merck from offline to engagement
Caffeina Merck from offline to engagement


Our stand did good to the planet too.

Merck’s commitment to SIN 2022 did not stop in the field of research on Multiple Sclerosis, but it also proved to be concrete towards the planet and its future. That is why we have made the event brochure a tangible proof of this promise.

By handing in the coupon attached to the map, each visitor was able to contribute to the growth of The Merck Forest, in collaboration with Treedom. A forest with over 350 trees worldwide!

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