Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita
Parma Calcio

The Never Ending Story

A season ticket campaign that brought fans of all generations back to the stadium.

Parma Calcio is a small provincial team with a great history. Between victories, changes of ownership, promotions and relegations, over the last 20 years each generation of fans has experienced a different Parma. Many have remained close to society, others have drifted away. For the new season ticket campaign a message was needed to bring fans of all ages together around the team.







A new symbol to gather the city.

We have chosen one of the symbols of every supporter, the scarf, and we have transformed it into a media that has conveyed our message: Parma Calcio is a never ending story, which is handed down from generation to generation, and anyone can enter and be part of it.

The new scarf was given to each subscriber and became the protagonist of all the campaign materials, from print, to digital, to activation on field.

Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita


An infinite love.

We made a 105 meter long scarf, as long as the playing field. It was first taken to the main square of the city, where fans were able to sign it after renewing their season ticket. The scarf was then brought inside the stadium and exhibited before Parma – Juventus game, on the first day of the championship, by fans of all ages.

Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita
Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita
Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita
Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita
Caffeina Parma Calcio Una Storia Infinita


A Never Ending Story.

At the entrance of the stadium before the match, we created a photoboot in which all the fans could photograph themselves together with the scarf. Photos have been cropped and uploaded as Instagram Stories in the team’s profile, giving the impression of forming a single, long scarf, capable of embracing all generations of fans.


“Per il nostro club e la nostra tifoseria si tratta di un traguardo importante, perché storico: era da dieci anni, dalla stagione 2009/2010, che non veniva superata la quota di 13.000”

– Parma Calcio 1913

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