Digital Media Strategy

Sunstar Italy has chosen to rely on Caffeina to manage the media budget for all digital activities. We work together to implement a Media Strategy to maximize performance with conversion objectives.

Sunstar Italy, a Japanese oral hygiene company and owner of the GUM® Brand, is committed to providing products and services that help people improve their quality of life. Sunstar offers specific answers to meet every oral health need for overall well-being. From this mission comes the Brand’s mantra: HEALTHY GUMS. HEALTHY LIVES.





Digital Media



A new digital media strategy.

The Sunstar GUM brand was looking for a digital partner to support it in all its online activities and guide it through a significant step-change.

We were enlisted to devise a new media/strategic model that would move from a funnel working on the top end, awareness and consideration, to performance and conversion activities (CRM, data building, leads)—supporting this with a content production that would make the content of the international more appropriate for the Italian target.


The funnel as a key to success.

The project revolutionized the brand’s digital content strategy and media mix.

An in-depth consumer, category, and brand analysis allowed the Caffeina team to build a new funnel designed to maximize conversion and lead generation, creating two distinct journeys for consumers and professionals.

We then revisited the touch points and formats used to maximize ROI and make the investment efficient, focusing only on the best-performing activities.

Caffeina Sunstar Digital Media Strategy


A content strategy in the service of the media.

The new content strategy has taken shape in numerous activities, leading us to focus on developing new formats for social campaigns, display campaigns, and supporting digital promotions and activations.

The creativity of each piece of content was designed to maximize the performance of the chosen formats based on the media objectives and then declined into content that could effectively support all digital touch points of the brand.


We transformed a media strategy focused on the top of the funnel into one aimed at conversion to maximize the ROI of the brand’s investment.

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