Caffeina Translated State of the art AI

State-of-the-art AI

Translated, an online translation company, asked us to validate a business idea for a new digital product that leverages artificial intelligence for the automatic creation of audio-visual translations.

Translated is one of the most successful online translation companies, a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence to support translators’ duties. Its mission is to make language an opportunity for everybody and this means continuous development of the translation tools and workflows. In 2020 we collaborated to conduct explorative research to better comprehend the world scenario of audio-visual translation and subtitles to identify an opportunity to innovate.




User Research

Service Design

User Experience


Revolutionise an obsolete workflow.

How can we facilitate and centralise the actual workflow of subtitles, optimising times, costs and resources and helping people to concentrate on the creative aspect of their job, letting the machine take care of the most time-consuming activities?

Caffeina Translated State of the art AI


Experience Journey e Feature Catalogue.

We mapped scenarios and actors helping the client understand the needs and expectations of the subtitles’ workers. An interactive prototype has documented and simulated the user experience to provide inputs for the development of the core features of the Subtitling Tool.

Caffeina Translated State of the art AI


A frictionless workflow experience.

Involving audio-video and translation experts from different countries, we explored, through surveys, interviews and observations the actual context of translation workflows and tools to map expectations and opportunities to inform the development of a tool of subtitling for human-assisted translation.

Caffeina Translated State of the art AI
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