Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta usa usa usa e getta
Tutto Pannocarta

Usa usa usa…e getta!

The spot culminates the repositioning process to make the Tutto brand communication more effective through its 'hero' product Pannocarta. In particular, the strategy aims at affirming the brand's role as an ally in simplifying people's lives, which, thanks to its multiple uses, helps meet the environmental and management needs of everyday life, at home and outside.

Lucart is Europe’s largest producer of flexible packaging paper and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of paper, tissue products and Airlaid. Tutto is one of the Group’s brands that has made ‘Tutto Pannocarta’ the hero product of the range: thanks to its triple function of paper-cloth and sponge and the possibility to be washed and reused on different household surfaces, it is today the only example of sustainable versatility in the Italian market.







Kitchen roll to who?

Tutto’s objective was to enhance the unique characteristics of its hero product Tutto Pannocarta, to date perceived as a normal single use kitchen roll in a product sector saturated with products with little differentiation in terms of characteristics and aesthetics.

An ambitious and stimulating challenge for the brand and also for Caffeina, which was chosen as a partner to succeed in this challenge and make Tutto Pannocarta a true icon of versatility when it comes to cleaning household surfaces.

Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta usa usa usa e getta


If it’s repeated, it’s Tutto Pannocarta.

A sheet of a normal kitchen roll can only be used once before it is sorted and this practice is very common and also unsustainable in Italian households.

Therefore, we decided to overturn expectations and relate the uses (and reuses) of a single sheet of Tutto Pannocarta in everyday life, on different surfaces and in different contexts related to the domestic world.

Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta usa usa usa e getta


One sheet for everything.

A product with repetitive uses needs reiterated communication. Through a Tone of Voice based on the tight repetition of terms, we have created a content strategy that narrates the main uses of Tutto Pannocarta, each time exalting one of the main benefits guaranteed by Airlaid technology: Absorbency, Resistance, Delicacy and Hygiene.

With this approach, we first educated users on the correct use of the product, and then engaged them until they got to the lower part of the funnel, where they discovered the main sales channels of Tutto Pannocarta.

Caffeina Tutto Pannocarta usa usa usa e getta


Relaunch and make more effective the communication of the Tutto brand through its hero product Pannocarta.

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