Caffeina UnipolSai Sempre un passo avanti

Always one step ahead

Consolidate the brand positioning "Always one step ahead" by communicating UnipolSai Assicurazioni's flagship product, Car Insurance, through an integrated communication campaign.

UnipolSai Assicurazioni is the Group’s multi-branch insurance company, established on January 6, 2014, following the merge of Unipol Assicurazioni, Milano Assicurazioni and Premafin (financial holding company of the former Fondiaria-SAI Group) and Fondiaria-SAI. UnipolSai is also the parent company of the UnipolSai Group.
Market leader in motor insurance with the largest distribution network in Italy that focuses on technology and innovation, pillars of the Group’s strategy and communication.






Enhancing its positioning.

UnipolSai is the best-known car insurance brand in Italy.
Often in the world of services, brands struggle to differentiate themselves from its competitors as relevant and distinctive: always being one step ahead, as an innovator that has always been open to change and experiment in its industry.

Caffeina UnipolSai Sempre un passo avanti


The friend always ahead.

UnipolSai communicates as the friend we all have who always manages to surprise us, to be on the ball, to be early adopters of the most intriguing and revolutionary innovations.

Just like the protagonist of our campaign, UnipolSai has gone through different eras until today, always remaining the innovator brand in its field.

Caffeina UnipolSai Sempre un passo avanti


A journey through multiple eras and across multiple channels.

The campaign was carried out through a main video where we told the story of a couple of friends going through various historical eras, showing one of them as the one always one step ahead. The same one who, today, chooses UnipolSai.

The video was used as social communication, as a YouTube pre-roll, and in a display advertising campaign, accompanied by a static banner campaign that developed the same story on even more formats.

Caffeina UnipolSai Sempre un passo avanti


Dare vita al posizionamento di marca, consolidandolo come l’invito ad avere un partner affidabile e in grado di prevedere ogni tipo di rischio.

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