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We helped Vivo find its distinctly Italian identity without betraying its origins. We did this by humanizing a technology brand and telling how product features could lead people to express 100 percent of themselves.

Vivo is a brand made of people, designed for people, in one word: human. It is inspired by the positive values of Ben Fen and aspires to empower all its consumers to express themselves. Vivo is the brand that helps you “turn pixels into stories to tell“.




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Emerging in a market lacking diversity.

Since October 2020, Vivo, a Chinese-origin technology brand making smartphones, has entered the Italian market.

The brand has roots in the Far East, where it launched its products in 2011. It landed in Italy the same year of the pandemic and in a sector where it is difficult to emerge, with the ambition to do so thanks to high-performance products with competitive features.

They involved us in creating an original social identity and working on a content strategy to differentiate the brand from competitors.


Enhancing Brand Essence.

We started from its roots to build the strategic framework of Vivo’s Italian identity.

Vivo is inspired by the philosophy of Ben Fen (doing the right things the right way). The essence of Vivo is made up of genuine and authentic people, and in this context, a smartphone is a tool that empowers people to the highest expression of themselves.

Caffeina has built a communication framework for Vivo consistent with its brand essence, in which the functional features of the products are shown through the narrative of emotional benefits, feel, and brand balance each other, and in which the user feels empowered to express their personality 100 percent.

Caffeina vivo Social Media Identity


An integrated PED.

Each month we designed for Vivo local storytelling based on original content adapted to the Italian market, but not only that.
Since this is an international brand, we also adapted the content pre-sourced from the European HQ: not just a translation but an elaboration of the content itself to reflect the values of the brand’s local identity.

The content, in both video and static format, aims to generate engagement and awareness and was posted on the brand’s owned social media, Facebook and Instagram.

Caffeina vivo Social Media Identity
Caffeina vivo Social Media Identity
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