Caffeina Casavo House of Stadium

House of Stadium

To make the return to the stadium of thousands of fans memorable, we created a brand activation campaign on the first open-door match with 100% capacity.

Casavo is the next-generation European platform that, through an innovative, end-to-end experience, offers people the freedom to sell and buy homes at any time of their lives. Founded on the belief that real estate should be simple, Casavo is redesigning the selling and buying experience by harnessing proprietary technology at every stage of the process. To increase its awareness in Bologna, Casavo became the Diamond Sponsor of Fortitudo, Bologna’s beloved basketball team.







Celebrating the partnership between Casavo and Fortitudo.

Casavo is the Diamond Sponsor of Fortitudo, Bologna’s beloved basketball team.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, fans were not allowed into the stadiums for a full two years. On April 3, 2022, they finally were able to watch the first match live, right inside PalaDozza, the stadium in Bologna.

We tried to make this event special and make the city feel Casavo’s closeness.

Caffeina Casavo House of Stadium


Making the fans feel at home during the match.

For the Fortitudini, the PalaDozza is the fan’s home.

When it comes to home, Casavo knows how to offer you the best experience.

We managed to make this claim true at the stadium as well, turning the parterre into a corner of the home from which to watch the game from a comfortable and privileged position.

Caffeina Casavo House of Stadium


An activation from social media to the stadium.

We communicated the initiative with a social recruiting teaser campaign on the brand and Fortitudo’s channels. This allowed us to choose the three fans to bring to the sidelines, in Casavo’s living room.

To make the initiative more interesting, we challenged them to show up in their slippers.
The three people with the funniest slippers watched the match from Casavo’s couch, also becoming our special correspondents from the sidelines.

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