A world fit for children

For the launch of a new Greek yogurt dedicated to toddlers, we imagined what a world would be like where everything is made to the needs of children: just like Fage Junior.

Fage has always communicated its Greek yogurt as a product capable of combining wellness, health, and taste: Its yogurt is appreciated by those who don’t want to give up any of these characteristics in their diets.

For this reason, it is already chosen by many for feeding the whole family: and precisely to provide even more specific balance and taste; it has decided to launch a yogurt dedicated to children.






Make children discover the world's best-known Greek yogurt.

Fage is the most popular Greek yogurt in the world. It is particularly appreciated by those who like to eat healthy – without sacrificing taste -, and it is a brand that people trust.

In 2021, Fage launched its first product aimed specifically at children: the same yogurt that grown-ups know and love, but with less sugar and more nutritionally adequate for children.


A world fit for children.

All parents strive to shape their world according to the needs of their children: we wanted to display their commitment in an ironic and hyperbolic way, showing what the world would be like if everything was tailor-made for the little ones.

A world that doesn’t exist in reality, except for one detail: the new Fage Junior, which Fage conceived with the specific aim of recreating its yogurt, adapting it to the needs of children.

Caffeina Fage Junior Un mondo a misura di bambino


A campaign tailored to each platform.

We developed the campaign to create commercials based on the most common searches that parents do on YouTube when they are looking for something tailor-made for their children: for example, clothes, bedrooms furniture, recipes.

Depending on the research, parents are presented with a dedicated commercial, whose communication fits naturally into the most recurring situations in their lives.

Caffeina Fage Junior Un mondo a misura di bambino
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