Digital and Social Launch

Together with Kinder, we designed the digital and social launch campaign for the new Kinder Plumcake. The challenge? To communicate product novelty and innovation while enhancing the distinctiveness of the Kinder brand.

We started from the complexity of the competitive scenario the new product needs to fit and the differences in Kinder Plumcake’s target audience.

The goal was to communicate a great novelty, highly differentiating Kinder bakery products, specifically aimed at an adult target audience.

Kinder reimagines the traditional Plumcake by adding a hint of modernity and a value made explicit by adding an ingredient that stands for these characteristics: Greek yogurt.




Content Design


A new Kinder breakfast product.

The launch of Kinder Plumcake is part of a very complex and highly manned competitive scenario. To make the new product stand out, we worked with Kinder to make explicit the added value of the organic characteristics of the new Kinder Plumcake.

Not only that: through Kinder Plumcake, Kinder wanted to increase the reach to the adult target audience (35-55) through communication that would meet the needs of a modern and aware consumer: hence the desire to create brand communication that would position it as a traditional product but at the same time innovative and suitable for many needs.


Deliciously Kinder Plumcake!

We wanted to communicate the many different ways in which Kinder Plumcake manages to be delicious, tying in the characteristics that make the product distinctive: delicacy, fluffiness, and simplicity.

On the one hand, a communication that evoked uniqueness in the market (defined by the presence of Greek yogurt, an element that guarantees its modernity and healthy benefit) and, on the other hand, the goodness that the Kinder brand promotes.

Caffeina Kinder Plumcake Digital Social Launch


Delicacy and minimalism for breakfasts guaranteed to be simple.

Three communication flights were carried out, each covering different touchpoints and using different formats: social post, VOL, DEM, display, and website.

The extent of the campaign gave ample opportunity for storytelling that highlighted the product’s full potential.

The element of simplicity was the choice of art direction with minimalist, cozy and contemporary features characterized by a photographic setting that allowed us to portray real breakfast moments.

Caffeina Kinder Plumcake Digital Social Launch


Launching Kinder Plumcake in the Italian breakfasts for adults, an attentive and aware target audience.
Depending on the wave, awareness goals were alternated with consideration and engagement goals.

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