Naj Oleari

ECommerce becomes an experience platform

A totally new eCommerce platform both in terms of technology and brand identity to convey brand values through an online shopping experience of happiness and freshness.

Naj Oleari was born and established itself in the 1980s. Still, it was only a few years ago that, with the launch of the new make-up line, the brand defined the basis for writing a success story even in the third millennium, reinforcing the values that have made it famous: quality, design, and made in Italy.

For Naj Oleari, make-up is not vanity. It is not a beauty contest or a precision competition. Make-up is a desire to express oneself.
To communicate creativity, joy, confidence, freedom.
It is conveying an emotion with the simplicity of an everyday gesture.






A shopping experience that can enhance the new platform.

In 2020 Naj-oleari Beauty has completely renewed its visual identity and positioning: the brand mission is to promote make-up as a daily gesture as an expression of themselves, of joy, happiness, and freedom.

The website, beyond the technical limits in terms of usability, didn’t represent the ambitious path undertaken by the brand. For this reason we redesigned the purchasing experience in terms of UI and UX, focusing on performances.


Dynamic and sparkling navigation.

Through the work of our Digital Product Unit, we put at the Client’s service a multidisciplinary team that thoroughly analyzed the brand’s new guidelines and translated the mood into a comprehensive user experience: dynamic and sparkling navigation but with a strong focus on functionality.

Everything within the site, from the copywriting of the texts to the wording of the calls to action to the animations to the colors chosen, has been carefully designed to effectively convey the brand’s purpose: The happiness of expressing oneself through make-up.

Caffeina Naj Oleari Beauty l ecommerce diventa una experience platform


Design, copywriting and technology.

The methodology applied in this project was based on co-creation with the client of design building blocks and involvement of real users in defining personas and user flows to make the most critical stages of the purchasing process efficient. This path led to creating a solution in which design, copywriting, and technology could blend and bring value to each other.

Caffeina Naj Oleari Beauty l ecommerce diventa una experience platform

A dedicated CMS.

The technological solution was developed using the Magento 2.3 platform, which was integrated with the company’s systems through special plugins. From orders to product delivery, from managing newsletter contacts to exporting catalogs for Google Shopping campaigns, everything is managed independently by the client through the use of a dedicated CMS.

Caffeina Naj Oleari Beauty l ecommerce diventa una experience platform

Virtual Try-on of products.

We also planned to integrate a Virtual Try-on service for products to make the shopping experience even more interactive.

Caffeina Naj Oleari Beauty l ecommerce diventa una experience platform


The strong focus on performance has enabled the achievement of

Average Daily Sessions
Average Cart Value
eCommerce Revenue
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