Caffeina Wakame Creare un brand dove non esistono brand

Creating a brand where no brand exists

Giving life to a brand where there are no brands. With Wakame, we worked in synergy to communicate sushi in the mass market, telling the key aspects of the brand - the freshness and craftsmanship of its products - while breaking away from Japanese dogma.

Wakame produces artisanal sushi in the food factory in Busto Arsizio (VA) and Bologna, which is distributed on a large scale by Eat Happy Group in the Production-to-Shop format, and transported directly to the shop windows in the shops.






Positioning the Wakame sushi brand, creating in people the awareness of choosing a specific brand and not a random one.


Creating a brand in an industry that is unbranded by nature, that of supermarket sushi: a product that is often chosen instinctively and without the brand name acting as a driver.

From ‘sushi craving’ to ‘Wakame craving’.

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Starting point

65% of Italians buy sushi at the supermarket, but do so impulsively, without paying too much attention to the brand


Real insight The scenario we analysed.

Culture: Today, ethnic dishes are also a pampering at home. However, the restaurant – especially for foreign cuisine – remains an all-round experience that cannot be compared to home consumption.

Client: Getting sushi at the supermarket means being able to adapt it to our own tastes, habits, needs.

Category: Competitors are very substitutable for each other due to their lack of positioning and visual identity. Moreover, none of them take into account the multiplicity of needs present in consumers.

Company: Wakame is Japanese craftsmanship made Italian: it is the brand that can enable Japanese tradition to merge with Italian habits.


To master reality. Our response to insights.

Purpose: To allow everyone to enjoy an artisanal and always-fresh taste experience that can mould itself to each individual’s needs.

Proposition: We approach Italians not only through territorial capillarity, but by supporting the personal approach to sushi that each one has outside the restaurant.

Principles: Customisation, lightness, accessibility.

Product & Services: Always fresh artisanal sushi ready to buy and consume according to one’s tastes and needs.


Wakame = Freedom

Wakame exists to liberate consumers from the obligation of Japanese dogmas in sushi consumption, allowing anyone, purists or not, to approach and explore this food, and modelling itself on the various needs so that everyone can enjoy it in their own way, with the certainty of an artisanal, fresh and Italian-made product.

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Sushi that speaks to everyone!

From the end of 2023, Wakame will officially become the symbol of freedom in the world of supermarket sushi and will communicate to become top of mind in the minds of consumers, effectively creating a brand in a category where remembering even a logo is, to date, a real feat.

It will be a simple, straightforward, fresh brand: the inclusive sushi that pleases every palate.

In fact, we have already given a small taste of what it will be with this summer’s product campaign…

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The launch of Happy Hour Rolls.

In July, Wakame launched a novelty on the market: the Spritz and Mojito flavour Happy Hour Rolls.

Two limited edition creations, capable of combining the worlds of sushi and beverages in a single product, but above all of breaking out of the usual patterns and rules of classic Japanese taste.
A launch that decisively sets clear standards for what will later be the brand campaign and that speaks volumes: Wakame sushi is sushi that subverts the rules.

How did we tell it?

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