We build the brands of the future, analyzing the reality and impacting in the short and long term.

Why choosing us

We support brands in understanding the reality around them through research paths that can reach communication and innovation platforms, inspiring them to grow.

Through our solid yet agile consultancy, we offer immediate actionable and feasible starting points.

We work side by side with managers in order to make brands, products and services relevant in people’s real lives and ensure their success over time.

Our methodology
1. Reframe

We define the research area, understanding the objectives the best we can.

2. Explore

We analyze trends, data, markets and consumers to generate insights.

3. Outline

We streamline insights and define the strategic direction and brand platform.

4. Fastforward

We identify multidisciplinary opportunities to define the future of the business.

We help our clients look ahead, prepare for the future and evolve in the best direction.

Brand evolution

The reality around brands is constantly evolving both socioculturally and in terms of the ecosystem of communication channels and media.

Today successful and relevant brands must know how to evolve by grasping and interpreting changes. We identify positioning communication platforms, capable of acting as conductors between different and peculiar tools and channels, in terms of content and target audience.

We walk along with companies in this transition, as we did with PittaRosso, for which we redefined the positioning and communication strategy.

Caffeina Consultancy Brand Evolution PittaRosso
Business innovation

Every new technology, every new target, every new consumption pattern can represent a business opportunity for companies.
In order to seize these opportunities, Caffeina provides and organizes a variety of skills (consulting, creativity, service design, technology and production) that complement the business and market knowledge of our clients.

This intersection of different worlds is the most fertile territory for identifying new business possibilities.

This is what we did for Chiesi, after careful trend-hunting work in the healthcare and non-pharmacological care sectors, we designed an ecosystem of new services to make available to people, including Lifully, a mobile app to improve relaxation, sleep quality and vitality.

Caffeina Consultancy Business innovation Lifully

Our analytical pathways provide a clear overview: we research what is around us (people, their languages, the market and sociocultural context, as well as brand values) and come up with an exhaustive check on to base off our strategic and communication choices.

We do this by mixing qualitative and quantitative research techniques, combining in-house tools with internationally renowned tools such as WARC and GWI, thus creating the space of relevance and distinctiveness unique to each brand.

This is what happened for Nutella, when a deep analysis of consumer trends and expectations led us to launch the special edition Ti Amo Italia, the only limited edition to have been renewed for two years in a row and to be taken to other countries around the world.

Caffeina Consultancy Research Nutella

We have always been building training paths for professionals and companies oriented towards the discovery of topical and innovative trends and issues such as metaverse, AI or digital customer engagement.

We do this through timely moments or training paths that combine face-to-face lectures with interaction and co-creation sessions, which to date have involved numerous organizations such as Kellogg, Labo Suisse, Chiesi, Heineken, Ariston, Parmalat and Nestlé.

We spread our knowledge by collaborating with institutions such as SDA Bocconi, Cattolica and Sole24Ore.

Caffeina Consultancy Training
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The consultancy team

Gaetano De Marco leads a multidisciplinary analysis and strategy team.

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VP Consultancy e Creativity
Gaetano De Marco
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Head of consultancy
Alice Cagnani
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