Creativity that makes brand and people dream through reality.

Why you should choose us

Our creative and lateral thinking always stems from vertical strategic thinking based on an in-depth reality check.

Based on this, we identify the narrative role of the brand in reality, the storytelling that realises its promise, the driving force behind the story and the expectations of the target audience.

We make our ideas live harmoniously across media by diversifying content by channels and being guided by the creative platform and not by an advertising mindset.
Strategy, method, multi-channel, real impact: thanks to these elements we create a common dream between brand and people.

Our values
1. Multidisciplinarity

We believe in communication and its languages: from ATL to digital, from content to social to on-field, we are always there, because we are born digital but we think without limits.

2. Strategy

We believe in creativity that reckons with the real world and is therefore measured through its impact on people’s lives.

3. Effectiveness

We believe that communication is a tool that serves companies before it serves agencies. What we do always looks at goals and how to pursue them.

4. Innovation

We love experimenting, finding new solutions all the time, and coming up with creativity that expresses itself where no one has been yet.

We propose creativity without limits of thought.

Nor of channels.

Campaign & Activation

We conceive and realise creative digital, integrated, ATL or BTL campaigns. Whether traditional or innovative communication, we focus on ideas regardless of channels, in order to develop fertile concepts and platforms with diversifiable objectives.

With BeRebel, for example, we not only launched the brand on the market, but also took care of the entire integrated campaign that presented the car insurance to Italy, touching all touchpoints. We started from TV, billboards and social media, to DOOH locations and creative media, such as bike sharing stations.

Caffeina Creativity Campaign Activation
Social Media Management

From content creation to social platform management, our mission is to ensure that the brand message is always consistent, thanks to creative strategies designed to achieve the client’s objectives.

For example, for a brand devoted to innovation like Samsung, we manage all the Italia channels with weekly and monthly planning that crosses creative and expressive needs with media and strategic objectives. In addition, we inaugurated their TikTok channel, transforming the brand into a Content Creator, also thanks to excellent collaborations with partners and TikToker.

Caffeina Creativity Social Media Management
Influencer & Branded Content

Brand entertainment is one of the most effective communication tools today: turning a message where the brand sometimes risks getting lost into a memorable experience is our mission.

We research, select, plan and manage the most suitable influencers for our clients’ campaigns. In addition, we produce and distribute branded content, both in collaboration with the influencers themselves and through the brands’ social channels. Finally, we use monitoring and analysis tools to evaluate campaign results and provide detailed reports.

For Paramount+, for example, we brought social media to life on the ground, creating a real 1950s Drive In for the series dedicated to the Pink Ladies, the legendary ‘feminist’ group from Grease. The protagonists? 120 influencers, with some of the most important names on the Italian scene, who amplified the message with extraordinary results.

Caffeina Creativity Influencer Branded Content
Brand Identity

We do Brand Design, Visual Identity, Brand Foundation by developing all brand assets, such as logo, corporate identity, digital assets and tone of voice.

The process includes the creation of a colour palette, font selection and the creation of a coordinated image for all brand assets. But above all, we talk about the service that generates the idea behind a brand and its personality.

With Absurd, a new brand entering the world of beauty, we decided to subvert the rules of the market with an extremely disruptive tone of voice, image and payoff.

Caffeina Creativity Brand Identity
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The creative team

Led by professionals who have made multidisciplinarity their banner, VA is in the business of turning communication into coup de théâtre.

Caffeina Consultancy Team
VP Consultancy & Creativity
Gaetano De Marco
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Executive Creative Director
Federico Saccani
Projects we are proud of

Our projects span every area of communication, from online to local.

What great idea could we make together?